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Sambo at the 2024 Summer Olympics (Game of Nations)

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Sambo pictogram.svg

Sambo at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris featured 126 male fighters competing in nine combat sambo events, at the Grand Palais exhibition hall, from 6–12 August 2024. It was the sport's debut at the Olympic Games.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
–52 kg Flag of Russia.svg Andrei Kubarkov (RUS) Flag of Ukraine.svg Ruslan Bratchenko (UKR) Flag of Armenia.svg Tigran Kirokosyan (ARM)

Flag of Russia.svg Alexey Klukin (RUS)

–57 kg Flag of Bulgaria.svg Borislav Yanakov (BUL) Flag of Russia.svg Vladimir Gladkikh (RUS) Flag of Russia.svg Vladislav Burts (RUS)

Flag of Georgia.svg Vakhtang Chidrashvili (GEO)

–62 kg Flag of Russia.svg Vladimir Berezovsky (RUS) Flag of Estonia.svg Vadim Fomin (EST) Flag of Mongolia.svg Togtokhbayar Magsar (MGL)

Flag of Tajikistan.svg Nozimdzhon Okhirov (TJK)

–68 kg Flag of Russia.svg Alexander Koksha (RUS) Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Sarbon Ernazarov (UZB) Flag of Iran.svg Sayed Imani (IRI)

Flag of Russia.svg Yevgeny Sukhomlinov (RUS)

–74 kg
–82 kg
–90 kg Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Nemat Yakubov (UZB) Flag of Russia.svg Anton Konovalov (RUS) Flag of Japan.svg Shungo Oyama (JPN)

Flag of Chinese Taipei for Olympic games.svg Yang Yachung (TPE)

–100 kg
100+ kg

Medal table