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Wiki Rules

  • Don’t engage in illegal activities, even if it’s completely unrelated to Future Miraheze. Permaban.
  • Please be civil. We don’t need unnecessary drama here, if someone has beef with you, sort it out on the talk pages or on the Discord server.
  • This isn’t really a rule, but please try not to swear, especially if it’s to demean another user.
  • All scenarios, joke articles and map games must be clearly marked. Scenario pages should be formatted with PAGE NAME(Scenario: SCENARIO NAME), map games should be formatted with MAP GAME NAME:Map Game, and joke articls should be formatted with NAME OF JOKE ARTICLE (J).
  • Don’t vandalize. Vandalizing the Miraheze Future Wiki is dumb and I might possibly ban you. -Derpmaster21
  • Non-joke article scenarios should be plausible. Joke articles have the free reign to be as dumb as it possibly can be.
  • Only ONE(1) active map game is allowed at a time.

In short, just don’t be a dick. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Enjoy your stay here on this Miraheze.